judith gruber-stitzer

film score composer

“When scoring a film, I always try to give voice to the emotional intent of each scene, that which touches the audience’s subconscious as they react to all that the director has carefully put on screen.”

From interview for Adrian Ellis’ podcast  ‘The Screen Composer’s Studio’

Judith Gruber-Stitzer, a Montreal-based film score composer, has scored an Emmy nominated film and 3 Oscar nominated films, one of which won the Palme d’or in Cannes.

Best known for her scores for the National Film Board of Canada’s award winning animated shorts, she’s scored over 80 films and TV productions, which include live action shorts, features, animated shorts, cartoon series, commercials as well as music for theatre and dance productions. Her musical style is as varied as the films she’s scored. At the very start of her career, she scored

2 made-for-TV films for the legendary American director Robert Altman.

A U.S. & Canadian citizen, she lives & works in French & English, here there and everywhere.

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