judith gruber-stitzer

 selected live action


feature directed by Kirsten Carthew, starring Viva Lee,

Muriel Dutil & Kamisa Wilsher

The Baroness and the Pig

feature directed by Michael Mackenzie starring Caroline Dhavernas, Colm Feore & Patricia Clarkson

Ted Allan: Minstrel Boy of the Twentieth Century

directed by Tanya Tree & Merrily Weisbord

Between the Moon and Montevideo

feature directed by Attila Bertalan starring Pascale Bussieres


feature directed by Robert Altman, starring John Travolta,

Annie Lennox, Linda Hunt & Donald Pleasance

The Colour of Memory: Conversations with Guido Molinari

directed by Nicolas Zavaglia & Donald Winkler

Maboungou Being In The World

feature doc directed by Marlene Millar &

Phillip Szporer

Above the Drowning Sea

feature doc directed by Rene Balcer & Nicola Zavaglia

Harry Gulkin: Red Dawn on Main Street  feature doc directed by Nicolas Zavaglia


feature doc directed by

Teresa MacInnes, Ariella Pahlke & Nance Ackerman

L’enquete du jean drapeau

Radio Canada mini series  

director: Daniel Creusot

By Woman’s Hand

documentary director: Pepita Ferrari

The Petticoat Expeditions

documentary director: Pepita Ferrari

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